We will bring your luminous beauty outward with a customized course of treatments that will tend to the needs of your face, body and mind. Your personalized evaluation begins with a skin analysis designed to provide optimal results. Each therapy includes, deep cleansing, exfoliation, vaporization, extractions (if needed), facial, neck, shoulders and hand massage. You will receive at least two masks, all will utilize medical grade products to be effective, yet gentle on your skin.

Signature Luminous MD Age-Lift facial

This specialty facial concentrates on hydrating and renewing dry, sensitive, mature skin. Relax with a revitalizing facial while your skin regains suppleness, becomes more evenly toned and luminous. This perfectly balanced, spa facial is rich in marine proteins, a high concentration of vitamins, peptides and antioxidants making it compatible to the skin’s natural ph, yet powerfully effective.

Signature Rescue-Me facial

Anyone of any age can suffer from acne. Not exclusive to teenagers, acne can be troublesome to adults too. This facial is designed to treat excess oil and kill bacteria using choice pharmaceutial grade ingredients that will immediately refresh and reveal a healthy skin. Unique antibacterial products are combined to normalize and repair skin that appears to have large pores, uneven texture and excess oily shine.We offer the healing benefits of our high frequency machine to kick-start the rejuvenation and elimination of toxins and acne-causing bacteria with every acne facial. we also offer this one minute treatment at almost anytime our client stops in for a quick zap!